July 29, 2015


The psychological and moral comfort of a presence at once humble   
and understanding - this is the greatest benefit that   
the dog has bestowed upon man.   

Photo of Stella the Rhodesian Ridgeback by Ren Nickson.   

July 25, 2015


'After the sun rose, we followed three of the Hadzabe men into the bush. Within minutes they were darting through the thicket directing each other with bird calls, shooting Kanga by bow and arrow with uncanny accuracy.

Four birds later, in a shaded patch along a clearing, they made a perfect fire in minutes using sticks and cooked one of the Kanga to perfection. They put the meat on a bed of fresh leaves to cool.

As we ate together, scraps and bones were tossed to their dogs.'

- photograph and words, Markus Jarrow

July 9, 2015

schooner the potcake

Ren is editing a documentary right now about an expedition at sea to find the true place of Columbus' first landfall in the New World.

The photographer, Jon, kept saying in some of the footage "I am not going on this trip if Schooner can't come" and we were wondering who the heck Schooner was...

Meet Schooner.

A Potcake, long-time crew member on Sail Beluga, and famous resident of the Turks & Caicos Islands.

Unfortunately, Schooner wasn't able to go on the 'Following Columbus' expedition, but here he is, with all his sugar-faced charm, photographed by Jon for the Turks & Caicos SPCA calendar.

All photos by Jon Nickson / eyeSpice