January 22, 2016

los perros perdidos

"We are separated from other animals by language, technology, and a fatal arrogance
that causes immense pain."
- Martin Usborne

Martin Usborne is in our opinion the photographer who is doing really amazing things with his portraits of dogs. They are not just beautiful pictures; they capture something of the noble spirit and gentle sadness of a neglected dog. His first series, Dogs In Cars, was haunting in its depiction of lonely, isolated dogs in a dark and urban setting.

His latest work is more powerful still - check out the National Geographic article about Usborne's time in Spain, photographing the hunting dogs that are often abandoned or killed after the hare-coursing season ends.

See more of Martin Usborne's work here.   

The National Geographic article on his work in Spain is here.   

And here's a link to a rescue group that focuses on the galga and podenco hunting dogs of Spain.