March 3, 2018

the dog at the gate

Stella   |   August 2004 ~ February 2018


The Divine Old Dog is restless tonight   
she circles and circles   
she licks at her paws   
she does not hear her name   

is confused and uncertain   
she is abashed at her accidents   
she tried to say but could not.   

Are you at the gate great creature?   
are you proud, old girl tired of   
this cold winter day   

these human needs and dramas   
this winter world   
does the cold make your legs ache?   

Divine Old Dogs accept   
the ways of the world   
the nature of life   

they come when they choose   
leave when they are ready   
they have all sorts of ways to tell us   
when it is time   

and they always decide   
never us.   

Excerpt from the poem 'Divine Old Dog at the Gate'   
Jon Katz at Bedlam Farm